We will do

possible products that last


flying cars running on hydrogen


commercial planes landing on water

We will also do stuff like

Floating RVs

And even

small remote control planes

that can fly almost anywhere!

We are

Sky Motor Systems

When SMS is going to open
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What we do


We will make sure that we make our products are very reliable, not rusting at the dealership.

Powerful Engine

Most people like powerful engines. So that is why we will make our products powerful but not gas hogs. And that what we will be discussing in the next one.

Tons of Features

We can’t let our products be plain. We can’t let the interior just be a steering wheel and seats. We will make them jaw-dropping, and head turning. Same with the exterior.

Efficient Engines

Some of our products are running on hydrogen. Some are running on electric. Some are running on gas (the planes). But, we will make sure that we build efficient products.

Product Gallery

The pictures that you see below in the gallery are not what our products will look like. The company will open in the future and I don’t have the real pictures of the stuff we will make.

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