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What is the difference between the Sky Plane And the Road Plane?

The difference between the Sky Plane and the Road Plane is the Sky Plane is a commercial plane and the Road Plane is a commuter plane with no seats. But, there is also a version of the Road Plane that is a private plane. But it’s more than that. Click the button below to learn more.

Focus target


What we mostly concentrate on reliability. If the aircraft lands an emergency landing, we make sure that the plane can still possibly run again.


Secondly, we make sure that the passengers are safe. If the plane fells an error, it will let the pilot and co-pilot and the passengers know that it’s ready to do an emergency landing. It will sense 360° and it will land on the safest spot, even if it’s water, it will coast to the closest island with pontoons. By the way, this is for the Sky Plane because, the Road Plane doesn’t hold people, however there is a version of the Road Plane that is a private plane.


Another thing we focus on is making our future customers happy. We need to see a smile on every customer we will have.We also need the passengers to have a great time.

Avoiding Crashes

Last but not least, our last focus is…

to avoid crashes. When the plane feels like if it’s approaching something, it will dodge it. It will not let anyone control it until it has gotten away from it.

Main Projects
If the company is going to open
Not possible products


These pictures aren’t the real stuff. The company’s still in the future so we don’t have the real pictures.

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